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Whitewood SD Hotel Reviews

“After driving 11 hours, we found our reservation at a nearby (12 miles away) motel had been "lost" and no rooms were to be had due to a rodeo and music fest that weekend. Yikes, what now? The desk clerk at our scheduled motel, came running out as we were getting into our car, saying she found us a room. Located 1/2 way between Spearfish and Sturgis is the town of Whitewood. As we approached, the motel was past a set of RR tracks and as we turned onto the service road location, we became a little apprehensive. The jokes flew about how we would be spending the night in our car, except we had already given our credit card number. The location is away from city lights and we were not sure just where we were. I went in for our key, found a helpful and pleasant gentleman behind the counter and his small children in a living room located behind the front office watching TV. We went to our room, and everything was new. Just beautiful. The owners had invested a lot into this motel. It was easy“

-- Via TripAdvisor

“Just wanted to thank the staff and the local community for their great hospitality on our recent visit. The rooms where clean and the service was great. When I arrived a day early you guys comped me a room which was unnecessary but greatly appreciated especially after traveling 1800 miles to get there!! also to the owners of Bullwhackers, thanks for opening your doors and making us welcome, taking the time to cone off parking for us was very much appreciated!! Food and service was great!
We are looking forward to our return visit next year, and hopefully so are you!!“

-- Via TripAdvisor

Saturday July 20, 2024